Full Disclosure

El-Ad Insurance Agency is a pension agency and not a pension consultant.

El-Ad operates under the Supervision of Financial Services law (Pension Advice and Pension Marketing) 2005.
El-Ad Insurance Agency Inc. is an agency operating in the elementary and pension fields and does not act as a pension consultant.

El-Ad has the following connections:
In pension insurance to the insurance companies Harel, Migdal, Menorah, Pasagot, Ayalon, Clal, Phoenix, Altshuler Shaham.
In pension funds to Migdal, Harel, Menorah, Pasagot, Clal, Phoenix.
In provident funds to Harel, Migdal, Meitav-Dash, Altshuler Shaham, Clal, Yelin Lapidot,  Menorah, Phoenix, Helman-Alduby
In study funds to Harel, Pasagot, Altshuler Shaham, Meitav-Dash, Yelin Lapidot, Migdal, Menorah, Phoenix, Excellence, Clal, Ayalon, Analyst.
In elementary insurance to Harel, Menorah, Migdal, Phoenix, Clal, Ayalon, Hachshara, AIG.