A collection of articles in various insurance topics – product of a long-established professional experience

The conflagration shown on our television screens in recent days reminds us how little we can anticipate daily events. History is written in retrospect.
Amendment 190 provides a framework for managing your family’s assets with a long-term perspective
While it is true that buying an insurance policy has nothing to do with the season of the year, during the summer there are usually events that require insurance
Insurance against the risk of death depends substantially on what happens from an economic standpoint following a death. When an insurance agent sits with his client to analyze his economic position, he takes into account the income of both spouses and the family’s obligations vis-à-vis its existing assets.
Insurance is the science of uncertainty. However, two things are sure in this world: either we will reach retirement age or we won’t. This may be a very simplistic description of life but it covers the essence of life and pension insurance.
Home insurance is not mandatory in Israel, but at a relatively small cost we can purchase protection and reduce large expenses that may occur.