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Back to a normal routine after the Corona pandemic

For the last two months, we have all been going through an experience we never had before.

We were forced to stop our activities and close ourselves in at home in order to stay healthy. Now that the economy is starting to return to normal, we are exploring the right way to return to a new personal and business routine.

We, at El-Ad, have been rethinking our way of operation in light of the new situation that has unfolded.

A year ago we realized that we want to create a better work-life balance for our employees, so we let 30% of our employees work from home, some of them work full time from home, and others combine working at home and at the office.

With the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the first instructions on the closure of the economy, we quickly organized and relocated all employees without exception to work from home, and to our great satisfaction we have been able to provide you with full service.

As an employer, we appreciate the dedication of El-Ad’s employees throughout the years and decided to try and keep all of them working and minimize unpaid leave in order to support them in these uncertain times.

We also took upon ourselves to help the elderly population by contacting our older clients to see how they are doing and if we can assist them. In an initiative made by our employees, we donated food baskets for elder people and pizzas for medical teams.

During this period we saw that digital communication is both efficient and convenient for you, and we were happy to expand our communication via emails, answer your inquiries via our website and our Facebook page.

We used the time in the beginning of May to prepare our office for re-opening, while making sure the health of our employees and clients is kept ensured. As of May 18th we will be gradually opening the office, but we ask you to limit the visits to the office and communicate via e-mails as much as possible. Our working hours during this period are 9:00 thru 15:00.

We will continue to be of service to you regarding any insurance and financial inquiries.

We are hooping for a quick return to normal for all of us, and even to a better routine than before.