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Corona pandemic routine

Dear clients,

It seems that the Corona will be with us for indefinite future, so our office will be staffed for the time being by limited number of employees, while most of us continue to work from home. We recommend that you minimize your visits to the office, and as always we are available by phone and digital means.

In the coming days we are going to replace our phone system. No changes on your end, but it will allow us to give you better service while working from home. The new system will start to operate on Thursday, 6 of August.. Note there might be minor phone disruptions on this day and we apologize in advance.

We are waiting to see the resumption of travel insurance policies and anticipate that once the skies open up, the companies will resume selling travel insurance. We anticipate changes in coverage and cost which might depend among other on your chosen destination.

Wishing us all good health and return to our “normal” routines!

Riots and Civil Disturbances
Due to recent widespread protests and demonstrations, it is recommended to make sure your car policy includes “civil disturbance & riots” coverage, especially if your vehicle is parked on occasion in these areas. We would like to point out that some car insurance policies, exclude damages caused by riots and civil disturbances, so whether you are pro or con and no matter which side you support, it’s best to check if you are covered. To check the coverage of your car, click here.

Private Leasing
With the Corona pandemic around us, the recession and economy slowdown, the leasing companies have launched promotions and benefits for the private market. If you are about to buy a new car, or are thinking of ways to save on the maintenance costs of your existing car, you may want to consider the option of leasing seriously.

Fire and Fire Damage Insurance
As the mid-summer heat is already here, it is important to make sure your property is covered against fire / heat damage with an emphasis on your home insurance – structure and contents.