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Beginning of the new year

As we approach the beginning of the new year, this is the time to summarize the past and prepare for the future.

Our pension is one of the greatest assets we have in life. Proper planning during the various stages of life is necessary in order to reach retirement with the best asset, allowing us to continue with the best budget possible at retirement.

What do we know about our pension? Probably not much. Many studies show that most of us are not involved in the details and do not make the necessary adjustments over the years. We even do not plan for retirement as we approach the age of 60, when adjustments can still be made for the expected retirement in the same decade. These adjustments allow a broader financial plan incorporating all the assets we have (provident funds, study funds, real estate, etc.) in order to optimize amounts and tax considerations.

That’s why we’re here. Our professional staff will be happy to set an appointment with you and tailor your pension plan to your needs.

On this occasion we wish us all a better year than the previous one. We went through a challenging year both as individuals and families, as well as on a global level, and hope to take the good things we learned from this Covid-19 pandemic period and adopt them further down the road.