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Five Shades of Insurance

While it is true that buying an insurance policy has nothing to do with the season of the year, during the summer there are usually events that require insurance.

Travel Insurance

Israelis love to travel abroad and most of us forget to purchase travel insurance until the last minute. It’s recommended to purchase travel insurance right after concluding the flight arrangements. Travel insurance includes financial compensation for the person traveling in case of flight cancelation, for example, in case of hospitalization.

The main reason for purchasing travel insurance as early as possible is to prevent last minute pressure. If the person traveling is not in good health, they will be requested to provide their doctor’s approval or additional documentation in order to get their travel insurance. In this case, they may not have enough time if they start handling their travel insurance at the last minute.

Of course, travel insurance is insurance in every aspect and includes health, death and property insurance. It’s therefore recommended to do it through your family insurance agent and not through a traveling agency or a credit card customer service. This ensures that the insurance includes the right coverage for you, and if unfortunately there is a claim, it will be handled by professional personnel. Most insurance agents work with several insurance companies, can compare between policies and offer the optimal insurance policy for you.

Summer Camp Insurance

Most children spend a large part of their vacation in summer camp. Parents are responsible for making sure the summer camp has the relevant insurance that will cover their children and their belongings for damage or accidents that could occur during the camp.

Whether it’s an organized camp, or a neighborhood/parents-camp, the summer camp must be insured and parents are responsible for confirming that their children are protected and covered by a suitable insurance policy. The cost of summer camp insurance is not as high as you might think; while it’s only a few hundred NIS for all the children attending.

Insurance for Events and Weddings

Summertime is known as wedding season since many people get married during the warm summer days. Some people organize weddings privately and not in wedding halls or banquet venues. Either way it’s recommended to make sure that relevant insurance exists and if not to ask your insurance agent for a wedding insurance policy that includes all the coverage needed. This is also not expensive when compared to other events of this type.

Insurance for homes with a swimming-pool

During the summer it’s common to have parties at homes that have a swimming pool. Most insurance policies have only basic coverage for a swimming pool with limitations regarding who is using the pool. Contact your insurance agent to confirm that the event you plan at home is covered, or if necessary, tailor the insurance coverage so that it does.

Fire Insurance for Household Content

There are many neighborhoods surrounded by forests or houses that are located in forested areas. It’s important to confirm that fire insurance exists for household content and not only for the building.

People often rule out the possibility of burglary as something that can actually happen, saying “what is there to steal?”

But the most important thing not to miss is coverage for fire, since a fire’s flames do not leave anything behind.

There is no doubt that summer is fun, so let’s enjoy it safely.