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Retire wisely with proper planning

Retire wisely with proper planning

  • How many times have you sat in front of the insurance agent and not understood a word of what he said?
  • Why do you get confused when it comes to planning your pension? And why do you feel the details are deliberately complicated?
  • Where can you find someone who knows how to simplify the details and make it clear to a human being what his economic situation will be after retirement?
  • Is there anyone who knows all the complex plans created by insurance companies and pension funds over decades and knows how to analyze them in depth ?
  • And after all this, is anyone willing to help me actualize my rights and not leave me with all the procedures to deal with institutions and tax authorities by myself?

What is a retirement portfolio analysis and what does it take to plan for retirement?

The Holistic Pension Planning Plan includes 6 topics addressed by the financial planner:

  1. Investment planning – achieving the client’s financial goals
  2. Protection and security planning – achieving greater security for the customer through minimizing risks
  3. Tax planning – optimizing the customer’s current and future tax considerations.
  4. Debt planning – managing the client’s debt status
  5. Retirement planning – maintaining the desired lifestyle for the client after retirement.
  6. Inheritance and estate planning – implementation of a strategy for preserving the assets and transferring them to loved ones.