Our customers whose vehicles are insured through the collective of the Harel Company are requested to contact the VIP center of Harel directly at 03-9294000 from 7:30 in the morning through 17:00 in the evening.
Vehicles: Towing and rescue services
Drachim - *2008
Femi Premium— 03-5688514 or *6560
Auto glass services
A.A. Glass—02-6409999
Auto Glass—03-6507777
Ilan Zgagut—*6620, 03-6534444
Residence: Water damage
Insured by Harel— Milgam *5041  
Insured by menorah - Milgam *5704 
Insured by Phoenix  — Natav *5070
Insured by Migdal - contact our agency 
List of garages in arrangement: Harel, Clal, Menorah, Migdal, Phoenix
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